Specific skills required

The interior design, particularly for commercial and industrial premises, requires care and special skills.

Thoroughness, efficiency and adherence to deadlines, choice of materials and equipment, and optimal use of available surfaces are all key. Backed by extensive experience in luxurious property and our understanding of the inner workings of a company, we will be your partner.


First, we seek to understand the needs of the end user, i.e. the company, its employees and its customers. This is based on an idea of a rational use of space and a final layout diagram. We then take care of all administrative procedures, control of materials, choice of suppliers, project coordination and cost control. We then deliver surface areas, workshops or offices ready for use !




Avenue Louis-Casaï

Construction of luxury offices in an administrative building located at Avenue Louis-Casai, Geneva


Aménagement Versoix (2)
Development of artisan and industrial premises on la route des Fayards, Versoix

Building WTC 1
P.O. Box 209 - CH - 1215 Geneva 15
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