We have a large database of potential buyers built up over the years and an established sales network in Zurich, Neuchatel, Geneva and Lausanne.

In terms of buildings and interest funds, institutional investors and private major buyers, we have a systematic approach with major market players and are adding a selected list of preferred contacts, individuals and sometimes private companies.


Technical estimation & and value

Compagnie Foncière Du Léman will establish the value without requiring any commitment on your part.


Bringing all the skills required together under one roof, we are able to produce expert reports dealing with commercial and financial aspects as well as architectural quality and the condition of the building.

Services provided :

  • We share the target price with each client, and explain how to achieve it (work to be done, market vision).
  • We prepare a communication plan and research plan for buyers
  • We manage the negociation process et and actively intervene in the due diligence process.
  • We help buyers find the necessary financial information.
  • We coordinate the activities with the banks, notaries, lawyers, tax, and trust consultants.



Brokering commercial property, offices and industrial and artisan projects is a specific activity. It requires a broad knowledge of investors, both private and institutional, Swiss and foreign, as well as the economic environment. It requires special legal and business knowledge.
Sometimes a sale at optimal conditions is possible only after redeveloping the property. Standardisation of leases, optimisation of expense management, optimisation of rental space, renovation, marketing of vacant spaces, etc.



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